Creative Housing Options in Arcadia​

CHOA is a faith-based, volunteer group working on housing in Arcadia, CA. 

We are engaged in the following:

  • Increase Affordable Housing in Arcadia
  • Reduce homelessness in Arcadia in a loving manner

Our main actions are:

  • Share housing information in large, in-person gatherings every 6 months.  We also speak and work with Arcadia City Council, and city staff.  See our Events and Blog.
  • Start the Safe Parking Program in Arcadia.
  • Engage with the Housing Element, which will bring a large number of affordable housing units to Arcadia
  • Visit and partner with churches, and connect with the larger faith community in Arcadia, to work on housing efforts…together.

Our Mission statement:

From a faith-based perspective, CHOA aims to advocate for and share information to reduce homelessness and build affordable housing, through engagement and endurance, seeking evidence based solutions, and compassionately loving our neighbor, for the betterment of the entire Arcadia community.


亞凱迪亞創造住屋選擇是一個基於一群有信仰的志願工組織來幫助亞凱迪亞 從事住房方面的工作。


  • 增加亞凱迪亞負擔得起的住屋
  • 以愛心的方式減少無家可歸者


  • 在各種聚會形事中來分享關於亞凱迪亞住屋信息
  • 與阿凱迪亞市的無家可歸者利益相關團體進行接觸
  • 參與亞凱迪亞市的住屋詳情
  • 造訪阿凱迪亞的教堂和信仰團體並與之合作


從基於信仰的角度來看,亞凱迪亞創造住屋選擇是通過參與和耐性看到遠 景、尋求基於有證據的解決方案以及富有同情心地愛護我們的鄰居,倡導和 分享信息,以減少無家可歸者和建造經濟適用住屋,從而改善整個阿凱迪亞 社區。